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Weekly Polls + Suggestions

Happy New Year! As you probably know, Groupees is all about community. Without you, we don’t exist. This year we’re focusing more of our efforts on hearing your ideas and reflecting them on the site. We’ll be running a weekly poll featuring a new question every week where you can make your opinion known (find the link right above Chat). We’ve also introduced the “Suggestions (Bundles)” chat where everyone is welcome to submit ideas for what we include in our upcoming bundles. Whether it’s specific games, publishers, artists, genres, themes, concepts, or media types, the channel is on 24/7 and we’re listening.  Groupees is a reflection of our community; let us know what you want to see and we’ll do everything we can to make it happen.

Be Mine Subscriptions

Concerns have been raised about status of the Be Mine subscription. On our end, nothing has changed and we intend to fulfill the commitment as originally stated. Summer is slow and we don’t want to push out bundles and call them Be Mine if they don’t meet our standards. The next Be Mine will be released soon, possibly this coming week (+Jonny art). If we are unable to meet the 10 bundle commitment within the year, we will extend the timeline so that the full commitment is met though we don’t expect that will be necessary. We apologize for making you uneasy and thank you for your continued support.

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Chat/Community + New Dev Updates

I hope that everyone’s new year is off to a great start. Ours is certainly quite busy!

I first wanted to address a concern that many users have brought to our attention. Behavior in chat seems to have taken a turn for the worse with certain users seemingly only wanting to disrupt and disturb others, either out of spite or perhaps some perverted need for attention. While we are big believers in free speech, we also recognize that what makes Groupees a unique place to visit is our social layer, particularly group chat. With this in mind, we will not sit idly and let a few bad apples ruin Groupees for everyone else.

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“Thanksgiving” Dev Update–NEW STUFF

First of all, I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, including those who live outside the US and may only know of our tradition from the vantage of curiosity. It is absolutely my favorite holiday as the whole focus is giving thanks for what we have and what we share together. In that spirit, I wish to thank each and everyone of you. I know that I may sound like a broken record, but the reason I’m committed to Groupees is I value what all of you bring to our community. Without your involvement and contributions, we are really just another site selling things for cheap.


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Music Widgets Are Here

Is your Groupees Wall awesome yet?  Mine is.  It has a picture of Slimer, a pug with a fruit basket on its head, links to my band’s websites, music videos, and now my favorite music from Groupees Bundles with full album streaming! So while I’m curating bundles all day, I’ve got Groupees music playing nonstop.

Go to your purchases page and Star any album or track that you’d like featured on your wall. Then when you edit your Wall next, click Add Widget at the top (also featuring options for tradeables, photo, video, music, external links) and select Groupees Music. Anything that you’ve Starred in your purchases will show up on the Groupees Music widget on your wall. Click the play button on any album, and stream the entire thing. Continue Reading

Dev Update for September

I do apologize for the delay in posting any updates on the dev front but it was a busy Summer + I wanted to wait until Trading Coins were implemented which I’m happy to announce indeed was recently accomplished.

If you happened to purchase Be Mine 14 and didn’t already notice, you will now see a Coins tab on your Purchases Page with your coins listed. Be Mine 14 purchasers received either the $3 Jonny Antimatter Coin or the $1 Slug Plutonium Coin. These coins were special as they increase in value as the total number of coins in circulation decrease. For instance, the value of the $3 Jonny Antimatter Coins has already increased to over $4.

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Shifty Plays: Dead in Bermuda

It’s been a while since i last talked about a new upcoming game on here. I guess there was not really a game that caught my eye to talk about until now. Dead in Bermuda, a game that just got released and is made by CCCP. Dead in Bermuda is a Survival/Management game, where you the player get to control 8 survivors who are stranded on a island because their plane crashed. I know what your thinking, another survival game. But i can tell you that this game is far different from all those other out there, and that’s a good thing.

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Indies Unite Wrap-up

Hey Groupees!


Today we bring you our Indies Unite wrap-up, as well as a little treat. I had a chat with Hans Dunnik, developer of Tic Toc Tower, and we talked about his experiences, and his plans for the future of the game.


So let’s talk about Indies Unite, what it meant, and why I wanted to do something to help these developers. As everyone is aware, Desura declared bankruptcy, and the impact of that on indie game developers has been terrible in many cases. Small studios, which rely on every cent they can bring in, are easily disrupted when those funds cease to come in. In some cases, developers had been waiting for months to be paid. When I started working there, I was unaware that these issues were festering in the background. As I started to notice more and more emails stating payments were late, and that they weren’t getting a reply, I took it upon myself to answer, and to reassure them that it did matter, and that I was taking their concerns seriously. After the news broke, and I realized that these developers would likely never see their funds, I wanted to do something for them. I was so fortunate to find a place here at Groupees, and it offered me my opportunity to put together Indies Unite. I had a chance to help in a tangible way. It also resulted in some very crazy hair!

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