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What’s New?

Hey everyone! I’d like to introduce myself as a new member of the Groupees admin team and community at large. My name is Becca and I will be popping up quite often to inform you guys about the latest and greatest here at Groupees.

A Little Bit About Me

I’m in my 20’s, I play the drums, I like cats, BBQ’s and PC games. I particularly like L4D2, but also love the new indie games sprouting out of the Groupees community lately.

Let’s get together! 

Please feel free to drop me or the team a line for any ideas you may have to improve the community experience (check out the awesome poll if you haven’t already), suggest themes for future bundles, or even have your own creations featured in a bundle! Whatever the circumstance, I’d like to hear from you and help Groupees evolve.

Helping Others

It is crucial that we give creative folks a platform to showcase their brilliant stuff. But we also recognize that by doing so, we can also support people in need. That is why Johnny wrote about the ongoing support you guys have given to facilitate this. Long may this continue!

Keep in touch

Hit us up on Twitter and Facebook and keep a look out for the latest YouTube videos coming your way by subscribing.

Thanks for the warm welcome and see you in chat 😉

Becca x

  • atze

    wow, youre hot! Btw, I like cats too :3

  • Josh

    Becca, what’s your Steam ID? Are we L4D2 friends? We should be if we’re not already. I’m in UCK and a bunch of other groups. 😮

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