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What’s Coming this Month

At the start of each month, I’ll try and share with the Community some of the new stuff we’re working on and planning to release. We like to play around with fun, new ideas, as you’ve probably noticed, so this should be a fairly active blog thread each month. BTW, I reserve the right to keep some things hush hush as I like surprises!

For June, there are quite a few things we’ll be rolling out. Later in June, we’ll be releasing a new iOS app with integrated chat and the first release of a version for Android phones as well.


All functionality in Chat will be made available in the mobile apps. Speaking of chat functionality, we have a number of new ideas that we’re working on to continue to extend chat with fun new features but this falls into the hush hush category… :)… look for some surprises in July!

Also later this month, we will be adding the option for users to register Steam keys directly into your Steam account from the Groupees profile page. And, finally, we’ve integrated a Streaming video service with our chat so from time to time we’ll host video chats, streaming live performances, and the like, right on bundle promotion pages.

All for now. Your friend,


Jonny Cappuccino

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  • Stiward3

    Yay, registering keys directly to steam is more comfortable for me.

  • Emre

    Yes, i got sick of turning on the steam evertime to past a key

  • shin333

    We need Groupees official Steam group!!
    Other bundle sites have it. (Gala, Bandlestars, Flying, etc)

  • Pavel Z

    Nice addition. I’m just a bit worried that making an app might take too much money, resources. Otherwise, great addition! Will the “direct registration” option supplement or replace Steam keys?

  • Christopher Waling

    Errrrr yeah this blog is from June, wheres July update?

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