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What We Take from the World Cup-Groupees 2.0!

I’m a huge fan of futbal and have loved watching the tournament unfold! I was sad to see the Americans bow out when they did certainly but nonetheless the World Cup has brought me so much joy and entertainment I can hardly feel disappointed. While there is so much skill, magic, heroics and heartache to more than make this tournament memorable, what I especially enjoy about futbal and the World Cup in particular is how it brings together people from around the World in celebration of a game. That a common subject can bring people together from every corner of the globe with so much passion is really a wonderful thing to behold!

We don’t pretend to be something as magical or ubiquitous as the World Cup but we do understand there are lessons that can be drawn from this event. Building a community that allows and fosters ways for diverse people to express their passion toward a common interest is a worthwhile endeavor, and we are 100% committed to growing Groupees based on that ideal. We are very excited about the vision we have for Groupees, what we’re calling Groupees 2.0, and look forward to rolling out all the new stuff we have in the pipeline over the coming 3-4 months! As always, thank you for your support, for sharing your passion and certainly too your opinions, whatever they might be.

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Jonny Cappuccino

Jonny Cappuccino

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