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TyranoBuilder Visual Novel Studio and the Groupees: The Visual Novel

The TyranoBuilder Visual Novel Studio is a fantastic app. Intuitive UX, easy-to-use yet robust feature set and controls make creating your own Visual Novel a breeze and lots of fun! If you haven’t seen this wonderful game creation tool on Steam, by all means check it out:ย  BUY ON STEAMย  At $14.99, this app is a steal, and I would strongly endorse it even if it were three times the price.

I used TyranoBuilder to create Groupees: The Visual Novel. Don’t hold this against TyranoBuilder ๐Ÿ™‚ I make mention of this because I had so much fun using the app that I found myself going WAY beyond what I had originally imagined for this silly game. So much fun in fact, that a sequel is now in the works!

Visual Novels are becoming more popular. I get it as the art form is more or less a mashup of what’s great about games and novels. What’s not to love about that?! And with tools like TyranoBuilder that can empower storytellers in ways that are so accessible, I fully expect this product category only to get more compelling.

Now back to Groupees: Revenge of the Visual Novel! ๐Ÿ™‚


Jonny Cappuccino

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  • cyanic

    The real cool thing about the Tyrano set of tools is how easy it is to edit even without the graphical editor. If you look at the scripts generated, it’s clear as day what’s going on. Also, the engine is open source, so you can tinker with it if needed. Everything is HTML5-based, making it easy to port to any platform with a web browser control and HTML5 support.

    P.S. to Jonny: I’ve filed some bugs about the VN in the support chat. Hope to see them fixed and a new build soon.

  • Melisa

    Saddly, I need linux version ๐Ÿ™

    • cyanic

      You could try running it off a web server. Just grab the Mac version and extract its contents. In it is an app.nw, which is another zip, and once you unzip that you can put it on a local server and run it. Alternatively, grab a NW.js build and stick the app.nw file in there and you can run it in an app.

  • Cjcomplex

    Glad to hear that it works so well. Been thinking about buying it ever since it released and I believe you just convinced me to take the plunge :D.

  • Vinรญcius Nunes Menti

    I loved the groupees VN, it was really funny. I hope you guys don’t take too long to make part 2 ๐Ÿ™‚

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