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“Thanksgiving” Dev Update–NEW STUFF

First of all, I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, including those who live outside the US and may only know of our tradition from the vantage of curiosity. It is absolutely my favorite holiday as the whole focus is giving thanks for what we have and what we share together. In that spirit, I wish to thank each and everyone of you. I know that I may sound like a broken record, but the reason I’m committed to Groupees is I value what all of you bring to our community. Without your involvement and contributions, we are really just another site selling things for cheap.


You already may have noticed, but I did want to highlight a new feature we just added. You can now Trade or Gift any item from a bundle, including DRM-Free files such as albums and comics, and very soon you’ll also be able to Trade or Gift entire bundles. The motivation for this is simple: Discovery. Ultimately, bundles are and/or should be used for Discovery. From this perspective, if you’ve acquired in a bundle a game, album or comic that doesn’t interest interest you, then it really does no one any good for it to remain unused in your account. By creating a way for you to share unused digital assets with others who are interested, we are adding value to our community at large and the partners with whom we are trusted with their labors of love.

In the coming month, we will be rolling out lots of new things, in fact we’re pretty much rolling out an entire new site and UX, including a new Chat. We’re very excited to share the evolution of Groupees with you, in large part because so much of it is based on what you’ve told us you wanted. Please continue to push us to do better, to improve what we do and how we do it. Let’s see just how far we can take this. And by all means, let’s continue to have fun and share joy in our journey together.

Your friend,

Jonny Cappuccino

Jonny Cappuccino

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