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Shifty’s Weekly Game Pick – Lili: Child of Geos

This week we are going for a newly released game from BitMonster. Inc. called Lili: Child of Geos. a gorgeous looking game that plays on the Island of Geos. An lushes island filled with friendly characters called Constructs. You play as Lili, a girl who traveled to the island to find rare flowers for her school project.

During your stay you will find out that the friendly constructs are being oppressed by the spirits, and mostly the Mayor of the island who is also a spirit. It is you job to help these constructs out and collect flowers and other collectibles a long the way.

Well i will leave it at there story wise, cause we would not want to spoil to much. While the game originally came out on the iOS, it does not feel like a mobile game. The graphics look amazing and you get really sucked in to the world of Geos. There are 4 parts of the island you can explorer, each with their own unique look and feel. You are free to explorer the island as you wish, and help the inhabitants of the island.


Gameplay wise you have to collect flowers and find loot on the island. You go around explorer and kick open chests or break vases, while also grabbing every flower you can. For people that are really into collecting items, and exploring every nook and cranny of games, this would be a must have for you. Picking flowers can also be done by jumping on the back of spirits and plucking all their flowers of their heads, to find the rare red flowers. A fun little mini game to spice things up with a bit of action.

The 4 hours i spend so far in this game have been awesome, and i really like the experience of it, by doing something different and bringing the story in a funny way across. The 4 hours i played also meant i finished the game, so it isn’t a long game, but well worth the money in my opinion.





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  • Pavel Z

    Um I’m not entirely sure, is it a point-and-click adventure or a platformer of sorts then? Also the game looks super-duper cute, I appreciate the aesthetics.

    • ShiftySlug

      It’s a 3rd person adventure game.

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