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Shifty’s Weekly Game Pick – Lifeless Planet

This week i decided to check out the newly released (also Early Access) game “Lifeless Planet” from Stage 2 Studios.
This game has been on my radar for over a year now, and was waiting in anticipation for it to be released, and i was definitely not disappointed.

You play as an American astronaut that is on a mission to find out if there is life on this distant planet. The game starts you off in the middle of nowhere, right next to your space pot. it’s your job to explorer this world and find out what is going on. The areas and sound effect really make this game stand out for me. while you are alone.


At first. you always have this feeling that something is about to happen. It is not a scary game, but has definitely got that suspension of something might happen to me at any time in this game. i don’t want to spoil anything at this point about the game in terms of story and events. But if you like a game where you explorer and solve puzzles. while also having a story told to you. Then this would definitely be something you should pick up.




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