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Shifty’s Weekly Game Pick – FarSky

This week we are diving into a new game that was just released called FarSky by FarSky Interactive.

I spend a good amount of time on this game during the weekend, and i pretty much love everything about this game. Let it be said i in general love games that let’s you play under water. So i might be slightly biased when it comes to this game.

In short you play as Nathan, a guy who’s submarine crashed during his journey. It’s your job to survive and gather all pieces of the submarine that are scattered throughout the ocean floor. This will involve you building your base, equipment and gather resources to survive. It’s your classic survival game. But instead of slaying waves of zombies or running through abandoned streets, you fight off sharks and other sea creatures, and this all plays out on the ocean floor.

If you like your survival games, but want to try something different, i would definitely give this game a try. i sure enjoyed my time in the water.

So suit up and take a dive: http://www.farskygame.com/



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