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Shifty’s Weekly Game Pick – Broforce

This week we are going for something different and i think is an exciting game. Broforce the game from Free Lives.

I did not have to much time this week to actually sit down and play a game in full length, but there is always some time to play a couple of missions in Broforce.
Pixel art at it’s finest i would say. The game is currently still on Early Access, but has a lot going for it to buy it right now. There are currently a total of 19 Bros (characters) in the game you can play as. From Rambro to Brobocop, and each has their own unique abilities.


The missions you take on are pretty straight forward, kill every enemy in the level and get out. On your way you can rescue survivors, these will help you towards unlocking new characters, but also count as extra lives during that level. Plus you can pretty much destroy everything in the level. which is always a fun thing to do.

As i mentioned the game is still being worked on and there is still a lot to come to make it even better. If you like pixel art and shooting things up while playing as Chuck Norris or Rambo then you should already have gotten the game, if not then i would highly recommend you grab a copy of the game. It’s Brotastic.

It could use a Broslug




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