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Shifty’s Game Pick – King’s Bounty: Dark Side

This week we will be looking at a game franchise that has been around for some time, and has gotten a huge player base. King’s Bounty: Dark Side. As with all King’s Bounty games you play as a hero or in this case you play as a villain. As the title says, it tackles the Dark Side of the King’s Bounty universe. You start of by selecting one of 3 races, Orc, Vampire or Necromancer. And for the first time you will also be able to choose your own class in the game, which makes replaying the game again with a different class a very good option.

While the game is currently in Early Access on Steam, and normally i would advice against playing a RPG game on there, Dark Side is fully loaded with a complete story and is currently on Early Access to balance things out and listen to their community. The official release for the game is also very close and will be released on August 14.

I have to admit i only played a couple of hours of this game so far. and while normally that would be enough to give you a good opinion on a game. But with all RPG games you can sink a lot of time into it. So let’s call this one a preview rather then a review of Dark Side. The story i will not spoil of course, but if you liked the previous story in the King’s Bounty Franchise then you will be pleased with this one as well. Especially since you get to be evil this time. And see the world of Teana from a different side, a darker side 😉


The gameplay is pretty much the same as it was in previous King’s Bounty games, which in my opinion is a good thing. And for those of you who are new to the franchise, you control your hero/villain from an isometric camera position, and explorer the world that lay before your feet. doing quests, finding loot and going into battle. The battles in the game are turn based, which give you a more challenging way of combat, where you have to think out your next moves before striking. And as with all the other King’s Bounty games you level up your character by doing quests and preforming all sorts of tasks. You can also boost your skills by equipping different items that you pick up on your journey.


As i said before, i have only touched the surface of King’s Bounty: Dark Side, but from what i have played up to now i really am enjoying it and will play this game for many more hours. If you are an RPG fan and like turn based combat and exploring worlds of the unknown, then i really can recommend this game to you. And let’s be honest we all want to do some evil deeds in time. well now is your chance!

You can get King’s Bounty: Dark Side from Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/289520/





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