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Shifty Played: Stranded Deep

One of my most anticipated games of the year has just arrived, so of course i got to play it and share this with all of you. But was my self build up hype justified or was i left dissapointed? Did this game deliver what i hoped it would be. Let’s find out, but first i got to mention that everything i say is from the very first build of the Early Access version. so by the time i post this things might already have been changed.

Well in short i was definitly not dissapointed, as a matter of fact it left me with that feeling where a game gives you more then what you had hoped for. Now when it comes to this game i am kind of biased as i know the developer, and have know about this project before it became a thing. But will give my honest opinion on the game as you are exspected.

The game does not have any story to it right now, but minor spoiler alert if you like to be suprised somewhat. You start the game of in your luxurious private airplane. Stressed as you are by the flight being all bumpy you decide to make yourself a Margarita. Either that drink is so strong that you dreamed the rest of the game or you really do crash with the plane in the ocean.


You climb in to your liferaft en paddle your way to the nearby island. Your all alone and for once i can just say this game is a true survival horror game. finally a game where your objective is not kill and loot zombies or other weird creatures. but simply surivive on your island. Gather wood, stone, coconuts or get crabs. All these items can be used right of the bat to start crafting stuff. Now here is something i did miss so far. a crafting guide of some sorts. there is nothing in the game as of right now that describes to you what you need to build something. (the game does explains things pretty well on how you craft) I had to look in the Steam guides on what i can build. But again this is early access so it might be included at a later point in the game. Once i found the guide i was quickly on my way to start building a hut.


And it turned out it was a very smart move to make a small hut, cause the first night i had pretty heavy storm incoming with loads of rain and lightning. Turns out you can get hit by lightning. i guess if i looked at the upcoming achievements first i would have known this. But all be it a very dark night i made it through. The next step was to explore and find hiding things in the ocean or other small islands. I did notice a large pole sticking out of the water near my island, but had no idea if that was anything. I swam to the pole and found it was part of a pretty large shipwreck underwater. Inside i found some handy equipment like a machette, and a flashlight. I had no idea that for this early of a build the game would already be filled with so much stuff. Even exploring other islands gave me a lot of cool new toys to play with including some fun easter eggs that i won’t spoil.


So to sum up, for an Early Access game, that has just released the Alpha build, i can say that i was very surprised to see it had so much going for it. sure there are many more things i would like to see in here. But this game is off to a great start and cannot wait to see what more comes during the development. Normally i would say hold off on buying Early Access games, but if you are going to take the risk you might as well do it with something good.




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