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Shifty Plays: Dead in Bermuda

It’s been a while since i last talked about a new upcoming game on here. I guess there was not really a game that caught my eye to talk about until now. Dead in Bermuda, a game that just got released and is made by CCCP. Dead in Bermuda is a Survival/Management game, where you the player get to control 8 survivors who are stranded on a island because their plane crashed. I know what your thinking, another survival game. But i can tell you that this game is far different from all those other out there, and that’s a good thing.


Dead in Bermuda does a lot of things different, for instance you get to keep not one person alive, but eight. And that is where the management aspect of the game comes to live. Each character has their own stats on what they are good at, and what they are not so good at. Sending out a character with the scavenging skill out to explorer, will not give you the best results obviously. So you need to be careful on where you send your survivors to. There is also a bit of a RPG style to it, as you can also level up your characters during your play session, and increase their skills.

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There are a couple of things you can do during a single day. each day allows you to take 2 actions for each character. During the morning you can send people out to scavenge food, wood etc. And then again during the mid-day. So each part of the day takes a turn. Setting your priorities is very important in such a game. During the evening you get to divide the food for the entire party. And i really love how they did this, because with a lot of these survival games, a character takes a absurd amount of food needed to survive. in this game they are very happy with a normal single meal. You have different choices on what to give each person. a small meal which brings the hunger bar down to 10% to 20% or a bigger meal that does 20% to 40%. There are also smaller bite size snacks that will help with the lower percentage hunger. But in my opinion this is a very cool and realistic method. Obviously if you do not feed them, their hunger bar will rise higher and they will then need more food to survive.

Your goal in this game is of course to survive as long as possible and while doing so you get to research items and craft them for your base or for your exploration missions. Having people explorer the island you are on will reveal new locations where you can find items and other things to interact with.  Besides the normal stat bars, your characters also have other bars that need your attention, cause it’s survival game, so not all happy times. For instances you got to keep track of their fatigue when they are doing tasks. Their depression bar, which goes up when they see dead bodies or other party members talking bad stuff about them. But having a rest and let them talk to other people in the group will lower those bars again. I could go very in dept in to the stats and bars, but i am sure you get the point to it. keep the bad stats down, and increase the good stats. Another thing i just mentioned i really like about this game, is the interaction the susrvivors have with each other. You really get to learn who they are, and what is on their minds. A story is being told as you play a long. And that is something you do not often see in such games.


Another thing about this game that stands out is the graphics style. A 2D hand painted look, which looks beautiful in my opinion. Also the music in this game is very soothing to listen to, from relaxing moments, to the more intense ones. It really captures you in that moment.

But don’t get me wrong, while it looks beautiful and seems easy enough by my comments about it, it is a pretty difficult game as well. My first couple of play through i reached around day 13 and 15 before everyone died. Well who knew you would need water to survive. So a lot of trial and error here. But it is very worth it to play it again and again, because every day something new can and will happen. From what i could tell so far it has a lot of replay value.

For me personally this has been one of the most surprising games to come out this year, and i can full heartedly recommend this game to anyone, especially if you are into survival or management games.

Have a go at the Demo to see for yourself if you like it.



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  • Anastacia Russell

    Seems like a fun game! I’ll wishlist this one, I really like story-based games.

  • Sir Eyeball

    I love management and survib´val games this is right up my street hope I win thx+

  • John Cranston

    Like the look and the group management aspect within an adventure game sounds interesting. I just hope it plays as well as it looks.

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