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Groupees Ethos: It’s Ok to Fly by the Seat of Your Pants

At Groupees, we’re big believers in trying new things. All staff members are encouraged to imagine the possibilities of what we might offer new or different, of how we engage with the community and provide service to partners and customers.

Innovation is by definition imagining what’s not there, and that means at times taking risks and yes, flying by the seat of your pants. But we would rather try new things and fail then never attempt to achieve.

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July Dev Update

Though the Summer is in full swing with great weather and plenty of distractions, we’re VERY busy with LOTS of updates on the dev front. This past week, we released a new iOS Groupees app that includes integrated Chat as well as direct Steam key deposit. Our first Android Groupees app will be released early next week–version 1 will not include integrated Chat but that will be added in the next version about two weeks later.

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Shifty’s Game Pick – King’s Bounty: Dark Side

This week we will be looking at a game franchise that has been around for some time, and has gotten a huge player base. King’s Bounty: Dark Side. As with all King’s Bounty games you play as a hero or in this case you play as a villain. As the title says, it tackles the Dark Side of the King’s Bounty universe. You start of by selecting one of 3 races, Orc, Vampire or Necromancer. And for the first time you will also be able to choose your own class in the game, which makes replaying the game again with a different class a very good option.
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What We Take from the World Cup-Groupees 2.0!

I’m a huge fan of futbal and have loved watching the tournament unfold! I was sad to see the Americans bow out when they did certainly but nonetheless the World Cup has brought me so much joy and entertainment I can hardly feel disappointed. While there is so much skill, magic, heroics and heartache to more than make this tournament memorable, what I especially enjoy about futbal and the World Cup in particular is how it brings together people from around the World in celebration of a game. That a common subject can bring people together from every corner of the globe with so much passion is really a wonderful thing to behold!

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Shifty’s Summer Sale Picks

This week something different then a weekly pick, since the Summer Sales are in full force i thought i would give you my thoughts on games you should keep your eyes on to perhaps pick up during the sale. This goes for both Steam and GOG sales.

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Groupees interview with Remute


As we launch Remute’s curated “Crack, Techno & Games Bundle”, Remute himself agreed to do an interview with me to give all of us a better idea of what he’s all about. Because it’s not what you’d expect. I hope you enjoy it -Christian Continue Reading

E3 is over

E3 is over for this year. We saw a lot of great games for this and next year. so i thought i would share 5 games that i am most looking forward to(not a top 5). This will of course be focused on PC games. And i also picked games that are new and fresh ip’s instead of choosing chapter 50 of Battlefield or Call of Duty. Continue Reading

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