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Music Widgets Are Here

Is your Groupees Wall awesome yet?  Mine is.  It has a picture of Slimer, a pug with a fruit basket on its head, links to my band’s websites, music videos, and now my favorite music from Groupees Bundles with full album streaming! So while I’m curating bundles all day, I’ve got Groupees music playing nonstop.

Go to your purchases page and Star any album or track that you’d like featured on your wall. Then when you edit your Wall next, click Add Widget at the top (also featuring options for tradeables, photo, video, music, external links) and select Groupees Music. Anything that you’ve Starred in your purchases will show up on the Groupees Music widget on your wall. Click the play button on any album, and stream the entire thing.

There are simply too many albums out there in the world, all available at the click of a button. It’s hard to find great music, and that’s why we curate bundles for you. In the end, no one has better taste than YOU. So share it with the community, Follow some people you know from Chat, and check out what great albums they’re listening to from Groupees bundles.

Oh yeah, and Follow me!


  • dima

    this seems cool.. i’ll check it out soon :]

  • OOO67VH

    Thank you! I absolutely love the music bundles, especially the global music. Deya, Dov1, TDU, I Parasite, just so many edgy tunes that play here at our youth center. I have video of a pile of our teens hittin’ the quan to ‘Putrid’…

    I love you guys at Groupees so hard. Somebody fly down here Texarkana-ish way and let’s do lunch.

  • BPunlimited

    Cool, now I don’t have to download everything
    I love the music bundles, sometimes I buy bundles with games in it as well, just for the music 🙂
    Thanks for creating this nice tool 🙂
    Keep up the good work!

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