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Interview with Jae Lee on Epic Dynamite Bundle Top Contributor Prizes

Dynamite Entertainment is curating its first Comic bundle with Groupees, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, you really should: Groupees.com/dynamite1. One of the contributing artists in the bundle, the renown, Jae Lee, has also agreed to offer some amazing top contributor prizes. We did a little Q&A with Mr. Lee, and this is what he had to say:[JONNY] The top contributor prize in the Groupees bundle is really fantastic and unique. Since the winner might be just about anyone (e.g. young, old, male, female, fat, skinny), how do you plan going about illustrating this in a way that will work with the comic book story and your overall comic book style?

[JAE LEE] It’ll definitely be an exciting challenge. Likenesses have always been difficult for me, but you’re right, it’s not just a matter of capturing a person’s likeness, it’s more about capturing their essence. Coming up with the right context will be difficult, but again, it’s a challenge I’m looking forward to. It all depends on what the person looks like. I can’t wait to see what the face that’s going to grace the cover of a Dynamite book will look like. Maybe I’ll get lucky and a dog lover will win the top prize and ask me to draw their dog on the cover instead.

[JONNY] I imagine picking a favorite comic book cover would be like picking a favorite child, however, do you have favorite DYNAMITE cover you’ve illustrated?

[JAE LEE] My favorite Dynamite cover would have to be for Masks Vol 2 #1. I inked that with a brush, something I rarely ever do and it just flowed. I liked the slight cartooning and retro feel the art has. It’s hard making all those different characters look like they belong in the same space, but the colorist, June Chung, did a great job of muting the colors so that it had a menacing, pulpy feel, without the garishness you get when you put a bunch of costumed characters together in the same image.

[JONNY] Having accomplished so much in the industry already, do you have any grand ambitions or goals that are still out there and, if yes, what might those be?

[JAE LEE] I just want to be a better artist. One day I hope to put on paper exactly what’s in my head. It’s an unrealistic goal, so I’m destined to be unhappy. But that’s ok. Artists do their best work on their miserable anyway.

[JONNY] What comic book that you have or are working on would you like to see be made into a video game?

[JAE LEE] All of them! I love video games and I think almost any comic would make a great game.

[JONNY] Why did you agree to offer your time and artistic talents to support this promotion?

[JAE LEE] I have a very long relationship with Dynamite Entertainment and when they approached me about this, there were two factors that weighed into my decision.  I thought it was a great way to reach an audience outside of the usual comic book market and hopefully turn some people into comic book lovers. Also, as an artist, we should always give back to the fans.  So, in addition to helping to bring in a new audience, I’m happy to do this as it’s a way to give back, and I feel that’s important.

For more information on Jae Lee’s art, go to: jaeleeart.com

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  • Very interesting! I am curious how Mr. Lee will be doing the drawings. Will he be doing it “live”, with the individuals as in-person models? Or will he be going off of a photograph?

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