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Hot Topic: Groupees Trading Coins

As you’ve probably seen/heard, we are introducing our own version of Trading Cards, Groupees Trading Coins. The first Coins, the $3 Antimatter Jonny Coin and the $1 Plutonium Slug Coin, will be issued to Be Mine 14 buyers with a website update coming in October which will include a number of new features including a Virtual Market Exchange.

The Trading Coins will have certain characteristics similar to Trading Cards:

1)  They are Collectibles
Each Coin will feature a unique image (e.g. Groupees staff member, character from a game, Artist or even a member of the Groupees community).

2)  They are Tradeable
Holders can trade the Coins with other Groupees community members on the Virtual Market Exchange.

3)  They are Redeemable
Holders can redeem the Coins for bundles and other digital goods offered by Groupees at the Coins published value.

These particular Trading Coins also have a few unique characteristics:

4) Value Can Fluctuate
The Coins have a stock-like characteristic in that they can increase in value as Groupees continues to grow and succeed. Also, as more of these Coins are redeemed and fewer are in circulation, the more valuable they will become. We will post changes in value so holders always know their current value. The Coins value will never be lower than their issued value.

5) Redeemable for Cash
These Coins are redeemable for cash at their published value in the event that Groupees was sold or its stock traded on a public market.

We will issue Trading Coins in select bundles; not every bundle will feature a Trading Coin. We will also be implementing a loyalty system so certain Trading Coins can be earned based on your purchases at groupees.com. We will also be issuing special Trading Coins from time to time, some with the same stock-like qualities as these ones, for special occasions, contests and the like.

As I mentioned in my letter included as a download file in the Be Mine 14 Trading Coins entry, I decided to do this in order to create a special relationship with our community… Groupees IS our community, you have a say in what we do and now you have some financial interest as well.

Let’s have fun together continuing to grow and evolve this special place.

Your friend,

Jonny Cappuccino

Jonny Cappuccino

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  • Wildys

    october almost over,when coins will be added?

    • We have a rolling 4-6 month dev schedule, and unfortunately, the schedule was impacted by a 2-month effort to address a spike in Paypal frauds. Note, this is a Paypal issue, however, since we accept Paypal payments and frauds were becoming material in their numbers, we were forced to create our own
      anti-fraud scripts. The scripts have evolved and, for now, the problem seems to be under control. The coin/reward exchange system is a part of a 3-stage evolution of our social layer. Stage 1 is a refresh of the basic site UI which is mostly now complete. Stage 2 is the introduction of “The Wall”. Stage 3 is the coin/reward system. Current schedule puts Stage 3 as a December deliverable, likely at month’s end. We’ll keep you updated on all of this.

      • McSnake

        We are at the month’s end. Any updates ?

  • Wolferatus

    what happend now to this coins? still cant use them 🙁

  • Paul

    How do I spend my coin?
    I can’t seem to use it to buy bundles as you say in the blog.

    • I am wondering about this myself too. Just got one but cannot figure it out :

      • cyanic

        Use the last payment option on the purchase form, making sure the bundle is not in preorder. You’ll have to unset trading/gifting of the coin you want to use if you listed it at some point.

  • Mustafa Bozer

    hi i buying BUILD A GREENLIGHT BUNDLE 32 (chose 6 games = 1.80 USD) but 6 USD Groupees Trading Coins lost plese help me

    • cyanic

      You don’t get change from coins.

  • Hello, i was questioning myself, what is the value limit for a coin?

  • Freda Butterchops

    Well ,i still have no clue about these coins 🙂
    But i have one in my inventory so all is well ,i suppose 🙂

  • Brian

    So, if I have a coin worth $22 and I want to use it to buy a bundle that costs $0.50, I have to surrender the entire coin, right? Since Groupees doesn’t ‘give change’, I would be purchasing the bundle for $22.

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