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Groupees is Hiring! [UPDATED]

Hello Folks,

Got some exciting news to share with you guys. Groupees is hiring, and we want to find someone from our community to join the ranks of Shifty, Christian, Lindsay, Eric and Jonny.

Have you always wanted to know what it’s like to make bundles, or think you could do it better then me? Or do you have some great ideas you would like to see on Groupees? Well now is your chance! You’ll get to talk to developers and publishers, try out their games and find epic games to include in future Groupees bundles. And get this, we’ll even pay you!!!

So if you think this is the job for you, email dennis@groupees.com, and tell me a bit about yourself, your background, education, jobs, hobbies and most importantly why you want to work for Groupees.

Look forward to hearing from some game bundling hotshots!



UPDATE: Thank you all for contacting me about the position, We have received enough emails to make a selection.



The one and only. I have passed the torch for making game bundles and will now focus on Community building. Mega gamer and good friend to many.

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  • Antarael Dulacre

    Hi there, I have a question about the application itself. Are there any restrictions? Like, does it matter in which country we live in? Or can anyone apply for this job? (I mean, I didn’t see any restrictions like that, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask, before actually sending in an application.) =)

    • ShiftySlug

      There are no restriction on which country you are from.

  • Detruire

    Are you looking for a fairly formal cover letter-type email + a CV, or a more informal email covering similar details (as you’ve listed)? I’d assume the latter from what you’ve said in the post, but making a similar assumption has, in the past, turned out poorly :X

    • ShiftySlug

      No Dear Mr Slug emails please 🙂 just be yourself. and just tip those points i mentioned earlier. a CV you can add of coarse.

  • Anon

    Out of curiosity, would this work be done remotely, or at the Groupees HQ offices? If it’s the latter, just out of sheer curiosity, where is Groupees based out of, precisely?

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