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Groupees interview with Remute


As we launch Remute’s curated “Crack, Techno & Games Bundle”, Remute himself agreed to do an interview with me to give all of us a better idea of what he’s all about. Because it’s not what you’d expect. I hope you enjoy it -Christian


(C = Christian, music director at Groupees, R = Remute)

C: Groupees users have seen your work in the Central Europe, Community 3, and now the Crack, Games and Techno bundle. And yet I wouldn’t say your sound is easy to define. How would you describe the work of Remute? And what are you trying to achieve with this project?
R: I am making a wide range of eclectic and unconventional electronic music which indeed isn’t easy to define, but I really take the indefinability as a compliment somehow. : ) Games from the 8- and 16-bit era were a great influence for me as well as late 80s Acid-House and early 90s Rave-Techno, but also twisted stuff like Autechre or Karlheinz Stockhausen are amongst my favourites.

I like to keep my music raw and unpolished ( using mainly quite oldschool gear iny my studio!) and really see it as a counterpart to the streamlined recent phenomenon that is called ‘EDM’.
My goal is to connect the sweaty clubbing- / festival-crowd and the nerdy gaming-crowd at home and outside for ONE special experience as I think that these both ‘camps’ were too much divided over the past decades. Techno and games really belong together!

C: It seems like you take your own approach to everything you do. What do you think the music community could learn from gamers? And vice versa?
R: The music and gaming community need more crossovers!
I am dreaming of more gaming areas in clubs or festivals and more dancefloors on gaming events.
If you look at demoscene events like the ‘Revision’ here in Germany, you probably know what I mean.
We need more of that!
But having a Techno-DJ like me on a gaming-site like yours to do a livestream-performance is also a very good step in the right direction. : )

C: Though we are honored to have you, Crack, Games & Techno isn’t really like any other Groupees bundle to date. Can you explain what these games and this music are all about, to those of us who are unfamiliar?
R: These games and albums are describing my personal taste very well :
I like rad retro-games, extraordinary electronic music and I am a huge fan of the ‘demoscene’.
‘Speedball 2’ is one of my alltime-favourites and I used to play it on my Amiga ALL NIGHT LONG.
‘Chester’ and ‘Retro Arcade Adventure Remade’ are a pure bliss for fans of 2D-Jump ‘n Run and Action-Adventure Pixel Entertainment!
‘Dynablaster Revenge’ is just awesome work of very talented demoscene guys and a p.e.r.f.e.c.t. remake of the original Bomberman / Dynablaster retrogames.

The ‘Games Music History’ compilation is an essential selection of some of the best gamesoundtracks ever by legends like Chris Huelsbeck, Rob Hubbard, Martin Galway or Tommy Tallarico.
The works of ‘Diode Miliampere’ who makes all his music with the MS-DOS AdLib-Tracker on his Toshiba Libretto and ‘little-scale’ who is very well known for creating MIDI-synth-solutions for old gameconsoles like the Sega Genesis are just a synonym for extraordinariness.
‘Nation12′ did the soundtracks for many popular 90s retrogames like Bitmap Brothers’ ‘GODS’ and are a perfect example for kickin’ oldschool-techno and funky breakbeats with a crunch.

C: How’d you get into Groupees?
R: I am a passionate gamer and therefore I know Groupees quite well.
What makes Groupees so special is the fact that your bundles are very diversified, helping charity and you also feature great music-bundles like the Pop-bundle or DJ Cutman’s ‘This Week in Chiptune’-bundle which I really enjoyed!
You’re doing the crossover thing and that is just right.

C: Thanks! What advice would you give to young producers and musicians?
Conceive your very own style and don’t try to copy anyone!
Be patient : real success doesn’t come overnight — it needs time and hard hard hard work.
And the most important advice : Love what you do.

Thanks Groupees for this interview!

Greetings from Remute HQ!

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