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Greetings and Salutations!

The Groupees team wishes to say a BIG THANK YOU to our Community… the developers, artists and musicians whose works we strive to promote and the users whose support makes all the difference. Our commitment is to our Community, and we will continue to invest in making Groupees a fun place to hang out and collectively create remarkable shared experiences centered around bundles of joy!

We’ll use this blog to expand on how we interact with the Community, providing regular features about the products we love, updates on what we’re doing (and building) and a standard method for capturing your feedback–POLLS. Ultimately, Groupees is about and for all of us. Let’s continue to make this a special place to hangout and have fun.

Your friend, Jonny

Jonny Cappuccino

Jonny Cappuccino

I'm a man. Sometimes I imagine myself as a superhero. I like beer, women, games, music, books, film, sports, painting and cats.

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  • Chronon

    Would you be able to provide 2 new tabs on the game list page to filter games available for activation on Desura and another one for Steam?

    Would help so much to crunch trough my backlog since my first priority is Steam and second is Desura. Thanks!

    • ShiftySlug

      We are looking through possible upcoming filter options for the profiles. will keep this one in mind.

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