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Dev Update for September

I do apologize for the delay in posting any updates on the dev front but it was a busy Summer + I wanted to wait until Trading Coins were implemented which I’m happy to announce indeed was recently accomplished.

If you happened to purchase Be Mine 14 and didn’t already notice, you will now see a Coins tab on your Purchases Page with your coins listed. Be Mine 14 purchasers received either the $3 Jonny Antimatter Coin or the $1 Slug Plutonium Coin. These coins were special as they increase in value as the total number of coins in circulation decrease. For instance, the value of the $3 Jonny Antimatter Coins has already increased to over $4.

Recent purchasers of the Steampunk 3 bundle and the Hello Kitty Hello Doggy bundle will be issued their respective coins shortly, though those coins have a fixed value. Coins may be used for purchasing of bundles on Groupees (though not during any preorder deal) and will soon be tradeable and giftable on our site.

We are currently working on a fairly substantial redo of the UX and front-end design of Groupees. We’re very excited about this and would otherwise post some sneak peaks but since a certain bundle company from the land of pasta who shall remain nameless likes to copy what we do, we’ve decided for now to keep things under wraps. What you can expect are continued extensions and improvements of our social layer along with added customizations to your overall experience on Groupees.

If all goes as planned, we hope to start rolling this out in October. All for now as I have a few bundles to finish up (along with Groupees VN #2!!!!).

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