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December Dev Update

I hope that everyone is preparing for a wonderful holiday season. On our end, we are quite busy putting together some holiday bundles of joy for everyone while also continuing to work diligently on new platform features. Here’s a quick update on the dev front. We will be rolling out some new features, likely next week, including the first iteration of the Groupees Wall.

The Wall will provide users new ways to connect with one another and share their passions in digital media, including in games, music and video. We’ll also be adding some frequently requested filters to your profile pages to make it easier to sort and locate products and unused keys.

After The Wall is fully implemented, we will be moving on to another highly anticipated feature, Groupees Trading Coins. That is now slated for January 2015, along with another new “hush hush” initiative that we’re quite excited about. Lots of fun and excitement is on the way this month and into 2015!

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Jonny Cappuccino

Jonny Cappuccino

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  • Aslan

    I’m a fan of trading, but I don’t much like “social”. I like how Steam does social, though I wish I had more fine grained control. IE I’d like non friends to be able to view my achievements, but not the specific day, say I got an achievement at 3PM on a work day, I don’t want any non friend to be able to see that I got that achievement at that specific time. I’m completely ok with non friends seeing that I got that achievement and got another achievement 3 hours later. Being able to see achievements and how the times and order relate help you tell if someone is legit or a cheater. I’m cool with non specific stuff like

    Hero of the Kingdom
    16.0 hrs on record
    last played on Feb 28
    Achievement Progress 38 of 38

    That’s just fine.

    With social give me options and good tools, and ways to integrate with other stuff, but never force me to participate a la Youtube forcing Google+ on me. You may make the defaults broadly share things but let me restrict that with several small steps without being all or nothing. Another issue, A profile should never be completely private, or if it’s made completely private it should be a punishment to the user who made it so cutting them off from the community, no trading, chat disabled, other things. At a non penalized level people should be able to limit things to a list of bundles purchased total play time of all games, and total time listening to music. Perhaps include in both those time by genre of music or videogame genre. Also don’t screw with the preferences I express! Facebook is know for screwing over users on privacy, you mark something private and 6 months later Facebook says, private is no longer an option so we’ve made it public, but if you don’t like it you can delete your account. Occulus Rift was awesome, but I won’t be forced into using Facebook to interact with VR. The community funded them, and then they didn’t consult with the community or provide the community any equity before of after selling out for $20 billion.

    This is why you created coins isn’t it? To counter sellouts like Occulus Rift, and Cyanogenmod? Otherwise I can’t quite understand the point. You didn’t have to provide the coins, you didn’t have to equate them to stock. Many of us are here for cheap games I feel, but by providing these coins and saying what you do about them you seem to be placing faith in us, which we may not deserve. I hope these coins mean a commitment to listen to your users, and allow us say in if you are purchased and by who. A purchase by Facebook would be anathema to me, with Steam or Google being acceptable, so long as I’m not forced to use Google+.

    I really hate private Steam profiles, Such users do not create worthwhile interactions. This is partially Steams fault as there is no inbetween excluding everyone and sharing more than some wish too.

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