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Community and Chat Powers

We rolled out some new stuff this week, including a new home page and Chat Powers, the latter of which most of you certainly noticed. The feature has prompted lots of comments, some good, some bad, but rest assured we are listening. For my part, I wanted to explain a few things. First, we’ve introduced Status levels based on the number of $ spent on Groupees. For now, there are 3 levels, Newbie, Fanboy and Playa. Chat Powers start at the Fanboy level which is reached at $20 in spend. We’ll be expanding this concept and adding a few more status levels. This is both to reward our most loyal customers but also to create some gamification across the community.

Now for Chat Powers… what’s the point of all of this silliness? Well, we have a bigger idea, and that is to make gamer-like interactions an inherent part of our community. We envision more sophisticated rules for how powers are acquired and used with additional layers such as counter-spells. We would like to make it a game of sorts, with leaders by each level or class, who have extra special powers. Scoring will evolve as we continue to expand the social layers of Groupees but we will reward things like interacting within chat. We’ll also likely add a Free Chat where those who don’t want to partake in the “full contact” chat can simply hang out and chat without interruption.

Community is a special part of Groupees. We understand and value that and will always be true to maintaining that spirit. As you no doubt understand by now, we like to try new things and believe that only by trying new things can we hope to achieve an even brighter future. Don’t worry, we’re listening, so keep sharing your thoughts and ideas (we’ll be creating a Poll on this topic so stay tuned). Together, we’ll continue to make Groupees a special place to hang out and have fun.

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  • suitablecustard

    I have to express my dislike for the powers system entirely. Going to a bundle page and seeing a chat consisting of mostly colored bars is more an annoyance than it is captivating or a source to pique my interest. Undoubtedly it’s here to stay but I’d much prefer a dedicated chat tab for it and those who want to use it than I would having it available in the regular bundle chats.

    I was going to comment on the status levels as well but outside of citing how another now shuttered bundle distributor failed on that front, I can’t make a compelling case for or against it beyond my own personal opinion of “this isn’t fostering a sense of community”.

    I also notice that you guys haven’t made further mention of your coin system that was meant to go into full swing this month. Too many irons in the fire?

    • Thank you for your feedback. It is appreciated and will be considered.
      Regarding the coin/reward and exchange system, we have a rolling 4-6
      month dev schedule, and unfortunately, the schedule was impacted by a
      2-month effort to address a spike in Paypal frauds. Note, this is a
      Paypal issue, however, since we accept Paypal payments and frauds were
      becoming material in their numbers, we were forced to create our own
      anti-fraud scripts. The scripts have evolved and, for now, the problem
      seems to be under control. The coin/reward exchange system is a part of a
      3-stage evolution of our social layer. Stage 1 is a refresh of the
      basic site UI which is mostly now complete. Stage 2 is the introduction
      of “The Wall”. Stage 3 is the coin/reward system. Current schedule puts
      Stage 3 as a December deliverable, likely at month’s end. We’ll keep you
      updated on all of this.

      • suitablecustard

        That’s unfortunate re:fraud. I assume that plays into why I had some temporary issue attempting to purchase the Medieval bundle and had to resort to Amazon payments.

        Thanks for the update on the coin system though!

  • Framer

    Came here to say one thing and one thing only! I love groupees! <3

  • Mudeater

    Groupees is the only bundle site where I chat at all so that goal is certainly achieved. Personally I don’t mind the powers or anything, but it is a bit excessive, spammy even. Not sure where it’s gonna go exactly but maybe some longer cooldown or immunities (so people don’t get spammed by the same thing 3+ times in a row like I see sometimes).

  • Locke

    Groupees is my favorite bundle site. Lately though, I have to remember to mute my computer before browsing the website. If I don’t I end up hearing a snippet from a song (some girl singing about her BFF or some crap), or a girl saying “Oh my gosh!” over and over again. Other weird stuff like that. While I’m sure the chat community enjoys this kind of thing, I find it to be extremely annoying. Other than that, I don’t care about the chat features one way or another. I just wish people who weren’t interested in chat didn’t have to hear the weird sound effects.

  • ThaDood

    Love the way the site is evolving. It’s cool.

  • Evolve just like the game that’s coming out 😀

  • IanMartin273

    I think the sound should default to off, having random bomb sounds going off in one of my open tabs was a bit disconcerting until I figured out where it was coming from 🙂

  • Vercinger

    Frankly, I find the whole idea quite stupid. If you really want to keep it that badly, make a separate chat for it and keep it off the bundle chats.

  • JayDee

    I just want to say the powers system , although slightly overused, is fun. And those colored bars can help me find where I am in the chat window if I’ve had to walk away or leave for a while. 🙂

  • Rich Gamestyle

    I don’t mind the powers in essence but they can get a bit disruptive of the chat experience. I enjoy coming by to chat about the games. Maybe have the bomb limited to admins to use. And let someone who just got cured have a few minutes break before they could be superpower’d again. Unless of course it’s an admin bombing people into timeout.

  • Freakaz0id

    I find the superpowers both distracting to the chat and cool as being there. Clearly the concept has some merits and should be just polished. For instance actions could be a much smaller line than regular chat lines… so they don’t eat up so much space.

  • Aslan

    Community is OK, but that’s not why I’m here so don’t force it on me, and let me control my privacy. Definitely the sound should default to off and remember if I turn it on.

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