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Shifty’s Weekly Game Pick – Broforce

This week we are going for something different and i think is an exciting game. Broforce the game from Free Lives.

I did not have to much time this week to actually sit down and play a game in full length, but there is always some time to play a couple of missions in Broforce.
Pixel art at it’s finest i would say. The game is currently still on Early Access, but has a lot going for it to buy it right now. There are currently a total of 19 Bros (characters) in the game you can play as. From Rambro to Brobocop, and each has their own unique abilities. Continue Reading


Shifty’s Weekly Game Pick – FarSky

This week we are diving into a new game that was just released called FarSky by FarSky Interactive.

I spend a good amount of time on this game during the weekend, and i pretty much love everything about this game. Let it be said i in general love games that let’s you play under water. So i might be slightly biased when it comes to this game.

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Shifty’s Weekly Game Pick – Lifeless Planet

This week i decided to check out the newly released (also Early Access) game “Lifeless Planet” from Stage 2 Studios.
This game has been on my radar for over a year now, and was waiting in anticipation for it to be released, and i was definitely not disappointed.

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