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December 2014 Indie Grant – Voting Ended!

Continuing with the spirit of the original Bundle in a Box, Groupees will award an Indie Grant based on charity contributions made by purchasers in each Bundle in a Box. The Indie Grant is designed to help indie game developers create their games. One indie developer (be it a group or an individual), voted by the Groupees Community, will receive the full amount raised from the bundle. Indie devs may apply for an Indie Grant by submitting their projects to support@groupees.com. Voting periods will last for 7 days.

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Support Groupees Game Project: Cyber-Chicken

Some folks connected with Groupees are working on a video game in our spare time. A true indie game project with contributors sprinkled around the globe, Cyber-Chicken is a 2.5D side-scrolling, rollicking adventure featuring 8′, 375 pounds of cybernetic poultry as a futuristic killing machine on a quixotic mission to save the World from itself. A satirical romp across pop culture and modern life, the comic-book styled game features weapon-based gameplay, platforming elements and lock/key puzzles in a metrovania-designed World. If you get a chance, swing by the Greenlight page where you can download a prototype of the game and support the Greenlight campaign.

December Dev Update

I hope that everyone is preparing for a wonderful holiday season. On our end, we are quite busy putting together some holiday bundles of joy for everyone while also continuing to work diligently on new platform features. Here’s a quick update on the dev front. We will be rolling out some new features, likely next week, including the first iteration of the Groupees Wall.

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Bundle in a Box Lives On, To Join Groupees!


Groupees will host Bundle-in-a-Box accounts and run future Bundle-in-a-Box bundles at Groupees.com

Portland OR USA, November 13, 2014: Groupees and Kyttaro Games have reached an agreement for Groupees to take over responsibility for the Bundle in a Box Bundle. Groupees plans to migrate all existing Bundle in a Box accounts to Groupees.com, as well as offer future Bundle in a Box promotions at Groupees.com. Continue Reading

Shifty’s Game Pick – King’s Bounty: Dark Side

This week we will be looking at a game franchise that has been around for some time, and has gotten a huge player base. King’s Bounty: Dark Side. As with all King’s Bounty games you play as a hero or in this case you play as a villain. As the title says, it tackles the Dark Side of the King’s Bounty universe. You start of by selecting one of 3 races, Orc, Vampire or Necromancer. And for the first time you will also be able to choose your own class in the game, which makes replaying the game again with a different class a very good option.
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Shifty’s Summer Sale Picks

This week something different then a weekly pick, since the Summer Sales are in full force i thought i would give you my thoughts on games you should keep your eyes on to perhaps pick up during the sale. This goes for both Steam and GOG sales.

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Shifty’s Weekly Game Pick: Jazzpunk

During the weekend i have been playing a game that has been out for some time now, but had not gotten around to play it before. I am very glad that i now actually got to play it. Jazzpunk created by Necrophone Games is a comedy adventure game where you play as a spy during the cold war.  Continue Reading

Shifty’s Weekly Game Pick: The Last Door

This week we are going for an 8 bit story driven horror point & click game. Created by The Game Kitchen and published by Phoenix Online Publishing.

The game has just been released on to Steam, but has been on my radar ever since they did their kickstarter campaign. for some reason it always intrigues me when a developer decides to with an 8 bit style game. Must be some sort of sentiment i have from when i was a kid. But i always like to check these game out when they arrive. But one thing i am not a fan off is horror type games, it’s just not my type of games, but this is still my weekly pick and here is why.

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