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Be Mine Subscriptions

Concerns have been raised about status of the Be Mine subscription. On our end, nothing has changed and we intend to fulfill the commitment as originally stated. Summer is slow and we don’t want to push out bundles and call them Be Mine if they don’t meet our standards. The next Be Mine will be released soon, possibly this coming week (+Jonny art). If we are unable to meet the 10 bundle commitment within the year, we will extend the timeline so that the full commitment is met though we don’t expect that will be necessary. We apologize for making you uneasy and thank you for your continued support.

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“Thanksgiving” Dev Update–NEW STUFF

First of all, I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, including those who live outside the US and may only know of our tradition from the vantage of curiosity. It is absolutely my favorite holiday as the whole focus is giving thanks for what we have and what we share together. In that spirit, I wish to thank each and everyone of you. I know that I may sound like a broken record, but the reason I’m committed to Groupees is I value what all of you bring to our community. Without your involvement and contributions, we are really just another site selling things for cheap.


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Shifty Plays: Dead in Bermuda

It’s been a while since i last talked about a new upcoming game on here. I guess there was not really a game that caught my eye to talk about until now. Dead in Bermuda, a game that just got released and is made by CCCP. Dead in Bermuda is a Survival/Management game, where you the player get to control 8 survivors who are stranded on a island because their plane crashed. I know what your thinking, another survival game. But i can tell you that this game is far different from all those other out there, and that’s a good thing.

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TyranoBuilder Visual Novel Studio and the Groupees: The Visual Novel

The TyranoBuilder Visual Novel Studio is a fantastic app. Intuitive UX, easy-to-use yet robust feature set and controls make creating your own Visual Novel a breeze and lots of fun! If you haven’t seen this wonderful game creation tool on Steam, by all means check it out:  BUY ON STEAM  At $14.99, this app is a steal, and I would strongly endorse it even if it were three times the price.

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Shifty Played: Stranded Deep

One of my most anticipated games of the year has just arrived, so of course i got to play it and share this with all of you. But was my self build up hype justified or was i left dissapointed? Did this game deliver what i hoped it would be. Let’s find out, but first i got to mention that everything i say is from the very first build of the Early Access version. so by the time i post this things might already have been changed. Continue Reading

What’s New?

Hey everyone! I’d like to introduce myself as a new member of the Groupees admin team and community at large. My name is Becca and I will be popping up quite often to inform you guys about the latest and greatest here at Groupees. Continue Reading

Indie Games to look forward to in 2015!

It’s been a while since i posted some games related stuff, but i did not want to leave you all hanging with nothing from me to go out the year. So i thought i would give you folks a couple of indie games that i am looking forward to in 2015. And if i missed one that you think is really awesome as well, be sure to drop them in the comment section bellow. There are of course a lot more games coming in 2015 that are awesome, but these are just the ones that stand out the most to me. Continue Reading

New Profile Features Have Arrived

Today we released some updates to user Profile pages on Groupees including our version of The Wall where you can represent yourself and share your love of games, music, video and other media.


In the weeks ahead, we’ll be adding lots of new interactive widgets to user Walls including an in-system Trading capability.

We’ve also added Filters on the Profile game listings so you can easily sort your Groupees purchases and locate Unused Keys. Click on your name upper right on Groupees.com and check out all the shiny new stuff!

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