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Bundle in a Box Lives On, To Join Groupees!


Groupees will host Bundle-in-a-Box accounts and run future Bundle-in-a-Box bundles at Groupees.com

Portland OR USA, November 13, 2014: Groupees and Kyttaro Games have reached an agreement for Groupees to take over responsibility for the Bundle in a Box Bundle. Groupees plans to migrate all existing Bundle in a Box accounts to Groupees.com, as well as offer future Bundle in a Box promotions at Groupees.com.

“We are honored to keep the spirit of what Kyttaro Games created with Bundle in a Box alive and well,” said Thomas Brooke, Groupees’ Founder and CEO. “In a segment of the industry that has devolved somewhat into a race to the bottom, Bundle in a Box always stood for something more. Their commitment to shining the light on indie games and supporting indie development with their Indie Dev Grant should be commended. We look forward to continuing to support Kyttaro Games’ vision in future Bundle in a Box promotions offered at Groupees.com.”

“We are very pleased, as this deal with Groupees will allow Bundle in a Box to keep going and keep on supporting indie gaming,” said Konstantinos Dimopoulos. “We see Groupees as a real innovator in this space, and their community-first focus and understanding of the indie spirit makes them the perfect home for Bundle in a Box. For Groupees, like us, it was never about offering games at a cheap price. We look forward to watching Groupees continue to grow and for Bundle in a Box to be a part of its bright future.”

The Bundle in a Box website and customer accounts will be maintained until Groupees completes account and file migration. No official date has been set but the process is expected to be completed in Q1 of 2015. Further information about the process will be provided through Groupees and Bundle in a Box’s Facebook and Twitter channels.

About Groupees LLC. Groupees offers at its website, groupees.com, Pay What You Want bundle promotions featuring video games, music, comics, ebooks and films. Groupees has processed over 1,500,000 bundle purchases over the past 2 years.

About Kyttaro Games. Kyttaro Games, kyttarogames.com, created the Bundle In A Box indie gaming bundle and has released Droidscape: Basilica and Droidscape on iOS. It’s currently working with a select team of indie developers on a still unannounced RPG.

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  • William Hilsum

    So, my last minute panic to download everything and screenshot/copy all the keys when they said they were going to delete it was for nothing!!!

    Very good news for everyone!

    • Well, the downloads were an extra back-up downloads to you, just in case.

      But yeah, good news in general, I agree too!

  • Lucan Monks

    Awesome news, guys. I may not have bought many of their bundles, but its a relief to know I’ll still have access to them. 🙂

  • Zomby2D

    So, if I used the same email to register on both sites, does this mean that all my BIAB bundles are going to magically show up on my Groupees account?

  • Roufas

    Groupee in a box incoming!
    But really, happy to hear the BiaB guys are not dead, they deserved more.

  • IanMartin273


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