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Indies Unite Wrap-up

Hey Groupees!


Today we bring you our Indies Unite wrap-up, as well as a little treat. I had a chat with Hans Dunnik, developer of Tic Toc Tower, and we talked about his experiences, and his plans for the future of the game.


So let’s talk about Indies Unite, what it meant, and why I wanted to do something to help these developers. As everyone is aware, Desura declared bankruptcy, and the impact of that on indie game developers has been terrible in many cases. Small studios, which rely on every cent they can bring in, are easily disrupted when those funds cease to come in. In some cases, developers had been waiting for months to be paid. When I started working there, I was unaware that these issues were festering in the background. As I started to notice more and more emails stating payments were late, and that they weren’t getting a reply, I took it upon myself to answer, and to reassure them that it did matter, and that I was taking their concerns seriously. After the news broke, and I realized that these developers would likely never see their funds, I wanted to do something for them. I was so fortunate to find a place here at Groupees, and it offered me my opportunity to put together Indies Unite. I had a chance to help in a tangible way. It also resulted in some very crazy hair!

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