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Hot Topic: Groupees Trading Coins

As you’ve probably seen/heard, we are introducing our own version of Trading Cards, Groupees Trading Coins. The first Coins, the $3 Antimatter Jonny Coin and the $1 Plutonium Slug Coin, will be issued to Be Mine 14 buyers with a website update coming in October which will include a number of new features including a Virtual Market Exchange. Continue Reading

August Dev Update

The Groupees Android App, V1, is now available in the Google App Store:¬†https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.remondes.groupees This is a Beta version which we’ll quickly rev once we gather feedback. If you do download the App and want to help us with testing, that would be fantastic! Please send bug reports to dev@groupees.com.

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Groupees Ethos: It’s Ok to Fly by the Seat of Your Pants

At Groupees, we’re big believers in trying new things. All staff members are encouraged to imagine the possibilities of what we might offer new or different, of how we engage with the community and provide service to partners and customers.

Innovation is by definition imagining what’s not there, and that means at times taking risks and yes, flying by the seat of your pants. But we would rather try new things and fail then never attempt to achieve.

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July Dev Update

Though the Summer is in full swing with great weather and plenty of distractions, we’re VERY busy with LOTS of updates on the dev front. This past week, we released a new iOS Groupees app that includes integrated Chat as well as direct Steam key deposit. Our first Android Groupees app will be released early next week–version 1 will not include integrated Chat but that will be added in the next version about two weeks later.

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What We Take from the World Cup-Groupees 2.0!

I’m a huge fan of futbal and have loved watching the tournament unfold! I was sad to see the Americans bow out when they did certainly but nonetheless the World Cup has brought me so much joy and entertainment I can hardly feel disappointed. While there is so much skill, magic, heroics and heartache to more than make this tournament memorable, what I especially enjoy about futbal and the World Cup in particular is how it brings together people from around the World in celebration of a game. That a common subject can bring people together from every corner of the globe with so much passion is really a wonderful thing to behold!

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E3 v Surf

So down in LA for E3 to meet with some industry folks, talk with a few indies and check out the latest and greatest games. Day 3, I bailed and headed to Hermosa Beach to surf before heading home. Games are important, my work even more so but sometimes a day away is a good thing! Your friend, Jonny


What’s Coming this Month

At the start of each month, I’ll try and share with the Community some of the new stuff we’re working on and planning to release. We like to play around with fun, new ideas, as you’ve probably noticed, so this should be a fairly active blog thread each month. BTW, I reserve the right to keep some things hush hush as I like surprises!

For June, there are quite a few things we’ll be rolling out. Later in June, we’ll be releasing a new iOS app with integrated chat and the first release of a version for Android phones as well.


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Greetings and Salutations!

The Groupees team wishes to say a BIG THANK YOU to our Community… the developers, artists and musicians whose works we strive to promote and the users whose support makes all the difference. Our commitment is to our Community, and we will continue to invest in making Groupees a fun place to hang out and collectively create remarkable shared experiences centered around bundles of joy!

We’ll use this blog to expand on how we interact with the Community, providing regular features about the products we love, updates on what we’re doing (and building) and a standard method for capturing your feedback–POLLS. Ultimately, Groupees is about and for all of us. Let’s continue to make this a special place to hangout and have fun.

Your friend, Jonny

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