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Weekly Polls + Suggestions

Happy New Year! As you probably know, Groupees is all about community. Without you, we don’t exist. This year we’re focusing more of our efforts on hearing your ideas and reflecting them on the site. We’ll be running a weekly poll featuring a new question every week where you can make your opinion known (find the link right above Chat). We’ve also introduced the “Suggestions (Bundles)” chat where everyone is welcome to submit ideas for what we include in our upcoming bundles. Whether it’s specific games, publishers, artists, genres, themes, concepts, or media types, the channel is on 24/7 and we’re listening.  Groupees is a reflection of our community; let us know what you want to see and we’ll do everything we can to make it happen.

Music Widgets Are Here

Is your Groupees Wall awesome yet?  Mine is.  It has a picture of Slimer, a pug with a fruit basket on its head, links to my band’s websites, music videos, and now my favorite music from Groupees Bundles with full album streaming! So while I’m curating bundles all day, I’ve got Groupees music playing nonstop.

Go to your purchases page and Star any album or track that you’d like featured on your wall. Then when you edit your Wall next, click Add Widget at the top (also featuring options for tradeables, photo, video, music, external links) and select Groupees Music. Anything that you’ve Starred in your purchases will show up on the Groupees Music widget on your wall. Click the play button on any album, and stream the entire thing. Continue Reading

Groupees Community Bundle #4 Call for Content

Hey everyone. Christian, your friendly music director here, writing from the highways of the USA on tour with my band Mean Jeans. I’m reaching out about Groupees’ 4th Community Bundle.  Are you a game developer? Musician? Author, illustrator, filmmaker, artist? We want to include YOUR work in the next edition of our multimedia + charity Community Bundle. Continue Reading

Groupees interview with Remute


As we launch Remute’s curated “Crack, Techno & Games Bundle”, Remute himself agreed to do an interview with me to give all of us a better idea of what he’s all about. Because it’s not what you’d expect. I hope you enjoy it -Christian Continue Reading

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